Broadcast Duplication Service
  • Standards and frame rate conversions
  • File to tape and tape to file transfers
  • Broadcast QC & technical assessment services
  • Legalising services
  • File transcoding and delivery services

Same day services for broadcast duplication, file transcoding and QC services

FATS Digital Broadcast Duplication, File Transcoding and QC Services

When it comes to broadcast duplication, video file transfers and technical assessment of program material for distribution or broadcasting, you can't go past FATS Digital.

Offering these services in our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices we have some of the most experienced broadcast operators in the business who are well supported with a plethora of leading edge equipment to offer transfers to and from virtually every available video and audio file format.

Video and Audio Formats

FATS has a comprehensive range of current and superceded video and audio tape machines in HD, PAL and NTSC formats. We can encode files from and to any format for any delivery platform. For older ageing materials we offer and recommend our tape baking, cleaning and restoration services.

Standards Conversions & Frame Rate Conversions

If you seek the highest quality video conversions there is no other choice than FATS. We are the only facility that offers the state of the art Snell Alchemist Ph.C with motion compensation and clean cuts for standard definition conversions to or from PAL or NTSC.

File Transfers

FATS is well equipped with industry leading Avid, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Amberfin, Front Porch and Opencube to facilitate transfers to and from virtually any video and audio codec. Ask our technical team for assistance with delivering your content for the growing number of platforms with various technical specifications.

Audio Services

FATS has an enormous amount of experience in dealing with audio for worldwide distribution. Our services include audio re-striping, channel re-mapping, faux 5.1 creation and Dolby E processing. Our Snell Alchemist Ph.C HD allows Dolby E audio to be processed at real time during HD frame rate conversions.

Editing Services

FATS is fully equipped with the latest Avid, Final Cut and Adobe Suites. Using the latest hardware and software we can capture, encode, edit, transcode and deliver your project to your exact needs.

Broadcast Technical Assessment Services

FATS Digital is a market leader in the technical assessment (QC) of program content. Our technical assessment team is widely accredited for setting the standard for QC and technical assessment in Australia. They have worked with local and international distributors to create benchmarks for technical assessment of SD and HD programs.

Our team is well supported by a vast array of technical equipment designed to measure and monitor program content.

Workflows are becoming increasingly file based which brings new challenges to the QC process. FATS has incorporated file based QC tools to assist in this process. Should your program not meet the specifications required we can assist with both video and audio legalisation.

With the recent implementation of the audio loudness specification (OP59) in a large part of the world, FATS has installed equipment to measure and rectify audio issues.

File Delivery

FATS offer a wide variety of methods to get your files delivered when and where you need them. From simple USB thumb drives to larger hard drives or electronic delivery using FTP, Aspera or Smartjog, we've got it covered.

FATS can assist you with:

  • Broadcast duplication
  • Standard conversions - PAL, NTSC
  • Frame rate conversions
  • Broadcast QC
  • Audio re-striping
  • File transcoding
  • Faux 5.1 audio creation
  • Dolby E
  • File delivery via secure FTP
  • Aspera or Smartjog

Why use FATS for Broadcast duplication requirements?

  • We're a one-stop-shop. All services are in-house, so we take complete responsibility of your project from start to finish
  • We can turn around large projects quickly with 24/7 manufacturing
  • We offer highly competitive prices
  • We offer same day service on broadcast transfers