Accredited iTunes encoding, aggregation & asset management

iTunes Encoding & Aggregation Services
  • iTunes Movie & TV asset preparation
  • iTunes Movie & TV asset management & file upload
  • Metadata preparation
  • All other popular platforms handled

Accredited iTunes service provider representing worldwide content.

FATS Digital Accredited iTunes Encoding and Aggregation Service Provider

If you're looking to distribute your content digitally to a wide audience, FATS Digital is the place to come.

FATS Digital is a fully accredited Apple iTunes Encoding & Aggregation facility.

We also prepare assets for all other digital delivery platforms.

Our digital media team has the skill and experience to evaluate, encode and technically check your deliverables to ensure they meet Apple's stringent requirements.

As an iTunes aggregator, FATS represents your content on the iTunes store. We set distribution pricing, available territories and offer marketing support to sell your product.

Specialising in both Film and TV content, FATS Digital can encode and represent your product for release on iTunes in Australasia and throughout the world.

Request a quote online or ask your FATS representative for assistance.

FATS can assist you with:

  • Conform Video Assets to Apples stringent specifications
  • Preparation of supporting metadata XML document
  • Uploading assets to the iTunes store
  • Identifying interlacing issues
  • Field dominance reversal
  • Audio level correction
  • Standards conversions
  • Aspect ratio conversions
  • Video Level Legalising
  • Gamut Error Correction
  • HD frame rate conversion
  • Technical quality checks supported by Omnitek Omniview XR