Media Digitisation – Video

FATS Media Lab. can transfer to and from virtually every tape and file format available. Our wide range of VT decks allow us to transfer HDCAM-SR, HDCAM, Digital Betacam, Beta SP, Beta SX, D1, D2, D5, DCT, DVCPRO, DVCAM, XDCAM, MINI DV, HI-8, VIDEO 8, DIGITAL 8, U-Matic, 1 Inch, 2 Inch, Betamax, S-VHS, VHS and VHS-C.

FATS Media Lab. is also an industry specialist in the restoration of older degrading tape formats. Often, the oxide on tape absorbs moisture if not stored in ideal conditions which can encourage the growth of mould. FATS Media Lab. operate a scientific oven that is used to bake and dehydrate moisture from oxide tape. This ensures that the media plays without shedding, causing head clogs.

After the dehydration process is complete, our team runs the tape through RTI Proline tape cleaners. These machines spool the tape, remove loose debris, dust and mould and leave the tape surface polished. The process is electronically monitored and reported at the conclusion of the process.

Together with our industry leading hardware and software encoders we can deliver the perfect file to suit your needs, from a simple web video to high quality files for cinema, broadcast or VOD streaming.

Additionally, we output to DVD and Blu-ray discs, with the option of adding menus for an interactive experience.

Our team have the know-how to transcode from all disc and file formats to suit your needs, utilising the latest standards conversion technology for frame rate conversions.

As with our other media digitisation services we can supply your files on Hard Drive, USB, Disc or as an electronic file transfer. We also have a MAM (Media Asset Management) platform for easy access and management of larger libraries.

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Media Digitisation - Video
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