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FATS Media Lab. offers cinema owners, content owners and distributors a comprehensive set of digital cinema and broadcast content delivery services. These services including specialist mastering, encoding, encryption, hard drive duplication and marketing content distribution services to cinemas all around Australia.

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At FATS Media Lab. we create fully DCI-compliant Digital Cinema Packages and Digital Cinema Distribution Masters (DCDM).

Our experienced technicians carefully analyse your source material to ensure compatibility of all components, before creating industry standard INTEROP and SMPTE DCP packages, using the latest in DCP creation software.

We master DCPs in both 2K and 4K resolutions, with the option of making it 3D for those with stereoscopic content.

For additional security our DCPs can also be encrypted, allowing you full control over exactly who plays your content and when. Once encrypted, an individual KDM (a Key to unlock the DCP) must be provided for each cinema server that requires it. FATS Media Lab. specialise in KDM management, from generating the keys to electronically delivering to the projectionists.

Our DCPs undergo rigorous testing before delivery, giving you the confidence that your film will be presented as intended. A full QC (Quality Control) ensures there are no quality or playback issues, and a thorough validation analysis ensures your final DCP has been transferred successfully.

We can also re-version your DCPs for localised cinema release, including the addition of multiple language subtitle versions and audio streams for the hearing or visually impaired.

FATS Media Lab. can manage the duplication and distribution (both local and international) of your cinema package – from the delivery & tracking of CRU drives (features) and USBs (short films, trailers, advertisements) to our high-speed links for efficient on-line delivery.

Our team can also transcode your finished DCPs back to file, for additional workflows.

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