Metadata – As pertaining to digitisation workMetadata

Metadata is data about other data. It helps us manage information about how and when physical media has been digitized.

Metadata can be an independent file or embedded in other files.

Whilst metadata has many other purposes and meanings we are focusing only on the meaning relevant to the digitisation & archival of physical media.

Types of Metadata

  • Embedded in video files
  • Embedded in audio files
  • Embedded in picture files
  • Excel / csv document

Video Metadata

  • Most video files have metadata embedded with them containing details of the file
  • We generally cannot add additional metadata to video files
  • Standard video metadata includes items such as frame size, frame rate, timecode information, track layout, etc

Video Metadata Example:

here will be a table


Audio Metadata

  • Standard audio files requested from clients engaging us for digitisation are:
    • WAV (standard / normal)
    • WAV (BWF – Broadcast Wav File)
    • MP3
  • (standard) wav files only contain basic information about the file: Bit depth, frequency, etc. No additional information can be added to a standard wav file

WAV Metadata Example:

here will be a table



  • Additional information can be added to a bwf wav including
    • Copyright information
    • Content creator (eg FATS)
    • Source format (eg cassette)
    • Description of the content (eg: Jack’s marriage)

Photo Metadata

  • Most picture files (tif, jpg, png,etc) can have an abundance of native and custom information
  • Custom metadata can be added for information such as copyright or creator

Photo Metadata Example:

Photo Metadata

Excel Metadata

  • Is the most common method used to deliver information about digitised files to our clients
  • This offers countless options for information about the master source, where / how the recording was done, by whom, when and where
  • The most common fields requested or used are
  • Filename
  • Ingestion date
  • Operator name
  • Operator notes
  • Ingest location
  • Master type
  • Duration


When archiving physical media, whether it is 35mm photographic slides or a modern video format, FATS Digital can supply the appropriate metadata to meet any requirements.

If the metadata cannot be stored in the file itself due to file type constrains, we can supply a separate excel sheet listing all the additional information required.

FATS Digital is recognized as a leading provider of archival services.

We have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to take your media and ensure it’s preserved in the highest possible file quality.