Convert VHS to DVD Videos or Digital File Tranfers

VHS Services
  • VHS restoration services
  • VHS to digital file transfers

We Convert Video to DVD In-House for Fast Turnaround.

FATS Digital Converts VHS to DVD and Digital Files

FATS offer an economical VHS to DVD or file transfer service to help you keep your precious memories alive, so bring your old VHS tapes into our Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane offices for a quick transfer to DVD or file.

FATS deliver VHS duplication on time and on budget because we do it all under the one roof. We can duplicate to and from any format, then print, pack, shrink-wrap and deliver.

Whether it's one VHS or thousands, our highly efficient team can assist you with all aspects of your VHS requirements.

FATS can assist you with:

  • Preparing your master for duplication
  • Transferring your VHS to DVD or file
  • Printing labels
  • Proofing and printing of paper & packaging components
  • Artwork specifications and templates so you can design your own packaging
  • Packaging, assembling and cellowrapping your product
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Warehousing, distribution, fulfilment, mailing and invoicing

Why use FATS for VHS duplication requirements?

  • We're a one-stop-shop. All services are in-house, so we take complete responsibility of your project from start to finish
  • We can turn around large projects quickly with 24/7 manufacturing
  • We offer highly competitive prices